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The Emerging Interest Group on Reproducibility and Independent Verification (RIV) provides a distinct community of researchers focused on the reproducibility, sustainability, independent verification, model testing, benchmark data, guidelines and standard; while simultaneously promoting best practice across the ACM by working with interested parties to include their requirements into the tools, technologies, methodologies and techniques developed as best practice within the EIG. The EIG is not only an extension of the work already underway via the ACM SGB and the ACM Pubs Board, but supports developers of future tools, technologies, methodologies and techniques; outreaches into communities which may not feel/be included; disseminates best practice and training resources interested parties; and, supports and advises in the practical implementation of our work at conferences, journals, and other venues. Further, by gathering and disseminating the collective knowledge obtained by the different SIGs in their reproducibility efforts we can capitalize on the work already invested in ACM?s Reproducibility and Independent Verification community and ensure the legacy of the effort, within the ACM and externally to other organizations.
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