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ACM ACM Transactions on Internet of Things – ACM Transactions on the Internet of Things (TIOT) publishes novel research contributions and experience reports in several research domains whose synergy and interrelations enable the IoT vision. TIOT focuses on system designs, end-to-end architectures, and enabling technologies, and on publishing results and insights corroborated by a strong experimental component. Examples of topics relevant to the journal are: - Real-world applications, application designs, industrial case studies and user experiences of IoT technologies, including standardization and social acceptance - Communication networks, protocols and interoperability for IoT - IoT data analytics, machine learning, and associated Web technologies - Wearable and personal devices, including sensor technologies - Human-machine and machine-machine interactions - Edge, fog, and cloud computing architectures - Novel IoT software architectures, services, middleware as well as future Internet designs - Fusion of social and physical signals in IoT services - Non-functional properties of IoT systems, e.g., dependability, timeliness, security and privacy, robustness -Testbeds for IoT

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