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The ACM Special Interest Group on Logic and Computation is a community organization dedicated to the advancement of logic and computation, and formal methods in Computer Science, broadly defined. Logic has been called ``the calculus of computer science', playing a crucial role in diverse areas of computer science. Specific areas that fall in this spectrum include: automated deduction, categorical models and logics, domain theory, finite model theory, program analysis, higher-order logic, hybrid systems, lambda and combinatory calculi, linear logic, logic and automata theory, logic and computational complexity, logical aspects of database theory, logics in AI, logics of programs, logic programming, modal and temporal logics, model checking, process calculi, programming language semantics, reasoning about security, rewriting, semantics of concurrency and distributed computation, type systems and type theory, and formal verification. SIGLOG sponsors the ACM-IEEE conference on Logic and Computer Science(LICS) and participates in the Federated Logic Conferences.
SIG Member Yearly Rate: $25.00
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