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  • Access to the full ACM Digital Library
  • Access to online courses, ebooks and training videos,
  • Electronic subscription to Communications of the ACM magazine
  • Access to ACM's highly targeted Career and Job Center
  • Free e-mentoring services from MentorNet
  • Subscription to XRDS, ACM's all new student magazine
  • Electronic subscription to ACM CareerNews (twice monthly)
  • ACM e-news digest TechNews (tri-weekly)
  • ACM's monthly online newsletter MemberNet
  • Free "" email forwarding address plus filtering
Yearly Rate: 900 INR plus 162 INR India Service Tax
Purposes of ACM

All ACM Members must subscribe to the Purposes of ACM and satisfy membership qualifications.

ACM is dedicated to:
  • Advancing the art, science, engineering, and application of information technology
  • Fostering the open interchange of information to serve both professionals and the public; and
  • Promoting the highest professional and ethical standards.
Note: ACM's code of Ethics can be accessed at

Note: ACM's Policy Against Harassment at ACM Activites can be accessed at

Membership Qualifications
You must satisfy one of the qualifications below:
  1. Bachelor's Degree (in any subject area); or
  2. Equivalent Level of Education; or
  3. Two years full-time employment in the IT field.